Thursday, March 22, 2012


UNDERSTAND - One word, that is powerful enough that not many have it in them. I wish that I found someone that really understand me, to be my future wife to be. I wish that I have good friends that understand me well. I wish for my family to understand every decision I made or will make. But remember relationship ain't a one way traffic.

The most important thing is that, I UNDERSTAND my purpose of life. To be servant to my ONE and ONLY CREATOR.

The problem is, I don' understand myself.


  1. ape ni pojie..chill la wey!!
    banyak sgt bace wira tunggal ni.hehe

    dont bother if people dont understand u,becos we have Allah who always understand just go to Him..

  2. ko ada masalah kecelaruan identiti ni..cuba cek kat doktor, takut-takut ko ada organ jantina yang lain.

  3. papoki : haha..mmg chill pon..sumtimes when we are alone, kite berfikir and reflecting ourself..i dont bother too much kalo org xpaham kita, tapi i do really care bile aku xpaham dgn diri sndr..sumthing wrong?haha
    tq papoxi..haha

    yau; aku da cek diri sndr..ade satu aje..knfm..lelaki punye..

  4. Haha....
    Masalah plg besar adalah xpaham diri sendiri...
    all the best in understanding urself (^_^)

  5. haha..trimas..insya Allah..i believe bukan aku sorg rasa camtuh..hehe