Thursday, March 22, 2012


UNDERSTAND - One word, that is powerful enough that not many have it in them. I wish that I found someone that really understand me, to be my future wife to be. I wish that I have good friends that understand me well. I wish for my family to understand every decision I made or will make. But remember relationship ain't a one way traffic.

The most important thing is that, I UNDERSTAND my purpose of life. To be servant to my ONE and ONLY CREATOR.

The problem is, I don' understand myself.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 Bulan

Tarikh hari ini 18 Mac 2012. 2 bulan telah berlalu begitu sahaja. Masih kesepian menanti panggilan yang tidak kunjung tiba. Terasa diri makin kerdil, makin di lupakan. Beberapa rakan telah mendapat panggilan rezeki masing-masing. Alhamdulillah gembira untuk sahabat yang telah di murahkan rezeki oleh Allah yang Maha Pemurah. Pada masa yang sama, sedih di hati kerana giliran aku masih belom tiba. Tak mengapa, insya Allah akan tiba jua masa aku. Bersabarlah hati...
Bak kata Masta Yoda " Patience, you must:"

At the same time, I really miss my student life. Sentiasa ada sahabat untuk bergelak tawa. Ada rakan untuk di ajak bersukan, berfutsal, berbadminton. Ada kawan untuk hang out di Ipoh dan menonton wayang. Ada rakan untuk bersama-sama menonton perlawanan bola sepak EPL. Kutuk dan caci maki merupakan resipi pengerat silaturahim. Damn miss those times..

Friday, March 2, 2012

"SUMBER DEMIHAFIZ" Fund Collection - Sejauh Mana Kita Bersyukur?

Terbaca sekali lagi berita berkenaan saudara Hafiz di fb. Kisah beliau buatkan aku sebak. Sejauh mana kita bersyukur dengan nikmat tubuh badan sihat yang kita ada?Tepuk dada tanya iman.

Copy paste from fb,one of my fren from UTP. Kalau tak mampu dengan wang, doa merupakan sedekah yang sangat berharga. Doakan beliau di permudahkan urusan dan di tabahkan hati. Dengan kuasa Allah, insya Allah, doakan juga beliau sembuh.

Ni link utk satu video oleh dak RMC(sekolah beliau), tuk promote event yang diorang anjurkan. Boleh lihat sndr bagaimana keadaan beliau-->

Just spreading..he was our senior in case anyone wants to help (takde paksaan ea kawan2)


OP HAFIZ was born some 23 years ago on August 24th 1988 at the Hospital Kota Tinggi Johor to the family of 7 siblings of FELDA settler couple of Abu Tahir and Tumirah. OP Hafiz is the fifth child, the others being .. two brothers and three sisters. One elder sister passed away when she was five years old. OP Hafiz was raised within the FELDA surroundings. His father was a FELDA Semencu, Kota Tinggi settler since 1977.
OP Hafiz attended SRK and SMK Semencu before he was selected to join the prestigious Royal Military College (RMC) , Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur in year 2002. He spent some four years in RMC and bunked in F Company. After his Passing Out Parade in late 2005, he attended Universiti Teknologi Petronas in 2006 till middle 2011 majoring in Chemical Engineering. His was in his third and final year of study and was considered a very bright student by the Universiti. He had only the last practical paper .. yet to sit.


Tragedy struck in the evening hours of Tuesday, May 24th 2011. OP Hafiz and some friends were having some fun at Tanjung Balau Beach, Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi. He dived a few times from a cliff. On his 3rd or 4th dive, he did not surface. Fortunately for OP Hafiz, his friends and some onlookers realized the situation. They quickly fished him out of the water. He was cold stiff, his hands somewhat bent upwards, immobile, still conscious but his speech was incoherent. OP Hafiz was rushed to Hospital Kota Tinggi by some good Samaritans. Considering the critical medical condition of OP Hafiz, he was immediately transferred to Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bharu.

On June 9th 2011, OP Hafiz underwent surgery at Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bharu which lasted some 7 gruesome hours. The whole family was huddled in complete silence and deep grief – not knowing what to expect. They just “surrender” to GOD . The operation was considered successful. Anterior plating was fitted and bone grafting was done on him.
OP Hafiz was diagnosed as having burst fracture C6 with neurological deficit, mild head injury with intracranial bleed and pressure ulcer over gluteal region. Quoting from the surgical report by Dr Wan Noor Azlizana Mamat, Orthopaedics Department..”.. Above diagnosis as stated make patient paralyse & and the outcome is uncertain. We need to wait at least 6 months to see wether he able to regained normal or near normal function or he will become paralyse for the whole life.” OP HAFIZ was hospitalised for some 2 ½ months.

GOD decides. OP Hafiz is currently bedridden and semi paralysed at home. OP Hafiz’s medical condition is very critical. His life is very uncertain. The thought of “ being paralysed and bedridden his whole life” is nightmarish and most frightening for OP Hafiz and his beloved family.
Universiti Teknologi Petronas was very supportive and sympathetic. UTP fully financed OP Hafiz’s operation and hosptalisation expenses including some crucial medical equipments and accessories – amounting to some RM 25,000/=.
There were some contribution from Old Puteras ( OPs – ex students of RMC) amounting to RM 6,820/=, mainly from unselfish and noble efforts of younger OPs by organizing various events to lessen the financial burden of OP Hafiz’s family.
But, OP Hafiz needs more than this.

“SUMBER DEMIHAFIZ” fund was established with the singular purpose of collecting donation to finance OP Hafiz’s medical and other critical needs.

OP Hafiz needs you NOW to help him.

Appeal is made for contribution towards this Fund. Donation can be deposited to the account mentioned below:
CIMB Bank..Account No: 14160001103109




CIMB BANK AKAUN NO: 14160001103109

(Sheikh Ghazali : 012-2918046)